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Coaching services designed to help push you toward achieving your financial goals and gaining control of your financial future.



Coach Kesha works to build a financial plan that works for YOU! Learn more about her financial coaching program and how you can get started.

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COACH kesha

Coach Shakesha "Kesha" Watson specializes in helping you to "Master your Money" so that you are able to save money, pay down debt, increase your credit rating and unleash your financial freedom! Her program is designed to provide one-on-one financial coaching services to help you achieve your personal financial goals.



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Nikki B.

I met Kesha during a financial hardship in 2013. Her judgement-free approach made me feel comfortable divulging intimate details about my finances. Kesha's expertise and knowledge helped me to not only increase my credit score by 100's of points, create a spending/ savings plan, but she taught me the skills to maintain those gains long term. Those foundational principles have helped me to maintain a steadily increasing score getting me closer to my personal financial goals, 800 club here I come! For sound, no judgment-just results, financial guidance, I highly recommend Coach Kesha she's an expert at what she does. She's really the only way to go!

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